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Service We Offer

Autoconsumo Solar is a full service solar integrator dedicated to providing the very best in engineering, products, installation and operations & maintenance.


PV Panels

We select the best panels on the market, with the best guarantee and performance



We only deal with those manufacturers that assure the best results in our installations


Electric Vehicle Charging

Autconsumo Solar has experienced experts and technicians that will assess your EV charging station needs and provide you with a turnkey solution.


Why go solar in 2021

Investing in solar today can result in huge savings tomorrow. Renewable Source. Sustainability. Environment Friendly...


Photovoltaic systems for Homeowners

Generate clean electricity with the PV system on your own roof and save on electricity costs at the same time


Photovoltaic systems for Business Owners

A PV system is a long-term investment. Learn how to maximize ROI with our systems and improve your business image and drive sales


Photovoltaic systems for New Developments

If you are a building developer, contractor or architect looking to install solar panels for your new build projects. Modern and Sustainable projects

Save BIG on Solar. Go Solar Today. Easy. Fast. Effective!

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    Why to choose Autoconsumo Solar?

    Quality is Our Passion

    We Deliver in Time

    Cataloghe of 1000+ products. Stock in our warehouse

    500+ Happy Clients

    Over the past 12 years

    A Premium Full Service

    Engineering, products, installation and maintenance.


    Solar panels require little maintenance but some is needed

    Subsidies for solar installations

    Highly qualified staff to apply for government grants


    We know how to help you saving money. Up to 70% in electricity

    Autoconsumo Solar your perfect partner for going solar in Spain

    Thinking about “going solar?” It’s a big decision. Choosing an expert in the industry who understands the cost trade-offs and technology options available to you makes that decision much easier.

    Our commitment to our clients is that our team has the highest qualification in engineering. All of our employees have training and experience in at least one of the fields: Industry, Energy, Computer Science and Telecommunications. We proactively protect the well-being of our employees, contractors, and customers. We believe in sustainable construction and in the drastic reduction of CO2 emissions. We want to positively impact society, infrastructure, economy, opportunities and employment.

    We bring quality to all areas of our production process. From data collection to the choice of products, studies with our engineers of all our projects and installation with proven professionals.

    The owner and directors in our company never compromise their Honesty And Integrity by cheating. We explain the different solutions to our clients and we choose together the best one for the client in that moment.