Self-consumption for homeowners and companies

Let us know your ideas and we will put our team to develop them without any commitment… it is our job and we love what we do. We think as much about the best solutions for our clients, as about the environment.

Sometimes you have to trust in professionals to help you in speciallized fields where you know nothing about. Our team believe knows the equipment perfectly, we know the different types of technology, prices, advantages and disadvantages, which require maintenance and what not, we know when we can apply for grants and aid, as well as the amounts.

Our team believes in the sustainability of the planet and that self-consumption is one of the best actions to reduce global warming and also helps us not depend on large electricity companies by generating our own electricity from clean and inexhaustible energy such as the Sun.

Image of a worker supervising a photovoltaic installation (ISO 100) . All my images have been processed in 16 Bits and transfer down to 8 before uploading.

We are engineers and installers - Advantages

We give you the entire turnkey project. Study, advice, installation in one day and maintenance.

Financing for 24 months at 0%.

2-year warranty on the installation and 25 on the panels.

FREE maintenance for the first year.

We take care of the legalization, and we apply for the subsidies and deductions in the IBI, ICIO and IRPF.

Our added value

We have a multidisciplinary structure, made up of specialized engineers and technicians, and to achieve our goals, we invest all our time and capital in training in new technologies, innovating in products and services and in seeking synergies with the most avant-garde and innovative companies.

Our company has a very clear goal, to transform companies whose facilities and equipment have become outdated, into modern, efficient, digital and environmentally friendly companies.

Our goal is for you, your neighborhood community or your company, to be more efficient, profitable, with a greater economic value and brand image, after passing through our hands.

We are very clear that changing the traditional only makes sense if we manage to make the company more profitable, with greater economic value and improve its brand image, after passing through our hands.

We call this a perfect business, in which your company wins, we win and the environment also wins.

We turn your company, whether it is small, medium or large, into a more sustainable, profitable company, with a better brand image and we adapt it so that it can compete in our increasingly digitized world.